Brilliant Breast Cancer Blogs and Websites

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A selection of interesting blogs on the topic of breast cancer, recommended by author Dr. Kathleen Thompson.

Storm in a tit cup
Heidi Loughlan, a young mother who developed inflammatory breast cancer whilst pregnant. Feisty lady.

They are sisters not twins
An extremely useful blog from Charlie Wood – a beautiful young woman who has undergone double mastectomy, and will shortly have her ovaries removed. This is because she carries the BRCA1 gene.

Booby and the Beast
An interesting blog from a young mother with Stage 4 breast cancer.

Joy – the search continues…
@Joy_Blog_1975 blogs about what it feels like to live with cancer.

An excellent website for cancer patients.

Chris’s Cancer Community
Chris Lewis blogs about cancer and uses his knowledge to support others affected by this life-changing condition.

Finding Cyril
Heart-rending blog of young woman with ovarian cancer. Be aware of the symptoms – they’re easy to accidently ignore.

OWise UK
A great app to help people get through every aspect of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, plus fabulous and practical blogs.

The following links aren’t blogs, but they’re also interesting reads.

I am HER2
Excellent support website for BRCA 1, 2 and breast cancer. Based in India but international too.

A4BC: Advocates 4 Breast Cancer
A very useful website for people with breast cancer, particularly secondary breast cancer.

The Haven (Breast Cancer Haven)
A wonderful source of breast cancer information and support. Recommended by @JudithPotts.

Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin reveals her secret battle with breast cancer but insists it won’t beat her (Mail Online, February 2015)

Dr Liz O’Riordan (The Doctor Paradox)
An excellent interview with a breast onco-plastic surgeon about her own breast cancer.

Golden Paste (Turmeric Life)
Turmeric is a good anti-cancer and anti-inflammation agent. I add ginger root too.

Desang Diabetes Magazine
Fabulous and informative magazine for Diabetics.

The heartbreaking gift no father wants to give his child: the cancer gene (Daily Mail)
An excellent article about BRCA by a lovely lady.

Mesothelioma website – complementary treatments for cancer
A useful website summarising useful complementary therapies to supplement conventional anti-cancer treatment.

Asbestosis website
Useful information and special page on breast cancer.

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