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Chapter 1

Lifetime Risk of Cancer (Cancer Research UK)

Chapter 2

Cancer Statistics (Cancer Research UK)
What is Cancer? (National Cancer Institute)
Breast Cancer Now
Act with Love (Dr. Susan Love)
Cancer Survival Rates (The Guardian)

Chapter 3

Symptoms of Breast Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)
Breast Cancer Symptoms (Cancer Research UK)
The Five Steps (

Chapter 4

NHS Breast Screening (BSP) Programme (GOV.UK)
Breast Cancer Screening in the UK (Cancer Research UK)
Breast Cancer Screening (NHS Choices)
Mammograms (National Cancer Institute)
“Swedish two-county trial: impact of mammographic screening on breast cancer mortality during 3 decades”. Tabár L et al, Radiology. 2011 Sep; 260(3)
“Absolute numbers of lives saved and overdiagnosis in breast cancer screening, from a randomized trial and from the Breast Screening Programme in England”. Duffy S.W. et al, J Med Screen. 2010; 17(1)

Chapter 5

Referral to a Breast Clinic (Breast Cancer Care)
Should I See a Breast Cancer Specialist? (Cancer Research UK)

Chapter 6

Referral to a Breast Clinic (Breast Cancer Care)
Mammograms Fact Sheet (Office on Women’s Health)

Chapter 7

Referral to a Breast Clinic (Breast Cancer Care)

Chapter 8

Book: On Death and Dying by E. Kübler-Ross

Chapter 9

How Should Children Be Told that a Parent Has Cancer? (American Cancer Society)
Telling Friends and Family (Breast Cancer Care)
How to Tell the People in Your Life That You Have Breast Cancer (Health)

Chapter 10

Breast Cancer Care
Macmillan Cancer Support
Act with Love (Dr. Susan Love)
What do cancer stages and grades mean? (NHS)
Staging, Grading and Cell Type (Macmillan Cancer Support)

Chapter 11

Breast MRI (
Understanding Your Results (NHS Choices)
Staging, Grading and Cell Type (Macmillan Cancer Support)
TNM Breast Cancer Staging (Cancer Research UK)

Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

Going Through Treatment For Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Care)

Chapter 14

Early and Locally Advanced Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment (NICE)
Advanced Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment (NICE)
What is PALS? (NHS)

Making a Complaint (NHS)

Chapter 15

The NHS Constitution (NHS)
How Do I Get a Second Opinion? (NHS)
NHS Patients’ Rights (Citizens Advice)

Chapter 16

Types of Breast Cancer Surgery (Cancer Research UK)
Surgery (Breast Cancer Care)
Surgery for Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society)
Your Operation and Recovery (Breast Cancer Care)

Chapter 17

Complications of Breast Cancer Surgery (Web MD)
Surgery Risks (
Your Operation and Recovery (Breast Cancer Care)

Chapter 18

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Chapter 19

Chemotherapy (Breast Cancer Care)
Side Effects of Chemotherapy (Breast Cancer Care)
Look Good Feel Better
Baldly Beautiful (YouTube)
Community Forum (Breast Cancer Care)
Discussion Boards (
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (NHS Choices)

Chapter 20

Planning Your External Radiotherapy (Cancer Research UK)
Internal Radiation (
About Breast Cancer Radiotherapy (Cancer Research UK)
Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Side Effects (Cancer Research UK)
Side Effects of Radiotherapy (Breast Cancer Care)

Chapter 21

See previous chapter.

Chapter 22

Radiotherapy for Primary Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Care)
The NHS Constitution (NHS Choices)
Guide to Good Handling of Complaints for CCGs (NHS England)

Chapter 23

Femara Better Than Tamoxifen for Certain Types of Breast Cancer (
Femara (
If Your Cancer Comes Back After Treatment (Cancer Research UK)
Breast Cancer Recurrence and Prognosis (Breast Cancer Care)
BRCA1 and BRCA2: Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing (National Cancer Institute)
Familial Breast Cancer (NICE)

Chapter 24

Secondary Breast Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)
Treatments for Secondary Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Care)
Your Feelings and Secondary Breast Cancer (Cancer Research UK)

Chapter 25

Breast Cancer in Men (Cancer Research UK)
Breast Cancer in Men – Causes (NHS Choices)
Men With Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Care)

Chapter 26

What is Ayurveda? (Chopra Centered Lifestyle)
Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala
Penny Brohn Cancer Care
Complementary Therapies (Breast Cancer Care)
Complementary and Alternative Therapies (Cancer Research UK)
Five-year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of Gerson (NCBI)

Chapter 27

Breast Cancer UK
Macmillan Cancer Support
European Medicines Agency
Expert Voices (American Cancer Society)
Impact Factor List 2014 (CiteFactor)
Cancer Trends Progress Report (National Cancer Institute)
PubMed (NCBI)
Free Medical Journals
Miracle Cancer Cures? Ask For Evidence (Cancer Research UK)
About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
Laetrile/Amygdalin (PubMed Health/NCBI)

Chapter 28

Breast Cancer Incidence Statistics (Cancer Research UK)
Cancer Incidence Statistics (Cancer Research UK)
Cancer Incidence in U.S. Immigrant Populations (National Cancer Institute)
Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon (Washington State Department of Health)
Blood Glucose and Risk of Incident and Fatal Cancer in the Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project (PLOS Medicine)
About Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Now)
Breast Cancer Risk Factors (Cancer Research UK)
Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious? (Scientific American)
Association between serum trans-monounsaturated fatty acids and breast cancer risk in the E3N-EPIC Study (PubMed/NCBI)
Maximizing The Anti-Cancer Power Of Broccoli (Science Daily)
Diet soda intake is associated with long-term increases in waist circumference in a biethnic cohort of older adults: the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging. (PubMed/NCBI)
Can Turmeric Prevent or Treat Cancer? (Cancer Research UK)
A review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef (PMC/NCBI)
Physical activity and the risk of breast cancer (PubMed/NCBI)
Physical activity reduces breast cancer risk in African American women (PubMed/NCBI)
Blood Sugar and Cancer Risk (NHS Choices)
Blood Glucose and Risk of Incident and Fatal Cancer in the Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project (PMC/NCBI)
Cancer Survival Statistics (Cancer Research UK)
Trends in the lifetime risk of developing cancer in Great Britain: comparison of risk for those born from 1930 to 1960 (British Journal of Cancer)
Dr Ian Gawler

Chapter 29

Guided Meditations (Chopra Centered Lifestyle)

Chapter 30

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