Frufrub, Amazon review

“If you know someone going through it, recommend it to them.

I was not looking forward to reading this and skipped bits here and there at first. The style is easy and honest and each chapter is divide into fact and experience (written in italic). At times I wanted to read her experience only and other times the facts only. In either case it is a good book to learn about breast cancer because knowledge is power. If you know someone going through it, recommend it to them. It is mostly uplifting.”


Amanda, Amazon review

“I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It is intimate, educational, emotional and riveting, all at the same time.
I would like to see it made compulsory reading for all healthcare professionals, because the very human story illustrates the wonderful good the NHS staff can do, the confusion they can cause, and all manner of variations in between. And it all plays out in this amazingly personal insight into Dr Thompson’s cancer and her life.
The book is an absolute must for breast cancer sufferers, their families and friends, but would be helpful to anyone touched by any form of cancer.

You don’t need to be impacted by cancer to get something out of it. I couldn’t put it down because it’s quite simply a darn good read.

Thank you Dr Thompson.”


Frostie, Amazon review

“I have to admit that I thought From Both Ends of the Stethoscope would be good. I also knew that it would educate me, but what I didn’t realise was that Dr Kathleen Thompson would make her book so entertaining and readable. The book is outstanding, an essential for anyone with breast cancer and their family. Dr Kathleen Thompson writes about her own experience in a graceful and poignant way while also giving you the inside track. You would only get this type of information from an insider and Dr Kathleen Thompson is an insider twice over; as a doctor and cancer survivor. I was incredibly impressed by her book. Her writing is so good she could write a novel.
Far from a fuddy medical book this guide takes you by the hand and tells you everything you need to know. It takes the process step-by-step, giving invaluable information at every point, all intertwined with Dr Kathleen Thompson’s fine prose on her own experience. I loved this book. Well done Dr Kathleen Thompson. Well done indeed.”


Penny Deacon, Amazon review

“This is a brilliant book. It doesn’t patronise or indulge the cancer sufferer. With wit and experience as both doctor and patient, Dr Thompson lets you know what to expect, what to ask for and what to do for yourself if you find yourself faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. This books let you take charge of looking after your own body as far as you can and acknowledges your right to clear answers and appropriate treatment. She doesn’t dismiss the help of diet and faith and the support of friends, but she also asserts the essential role of medical treaatment. Other books may have similar content – this one presents it in a way that can be accessed in small doses for those lacking the energy to want more than the answer to an immediate question (chapter summaries, key points, a good index) whilst also providing a readable, often humorous, account of her own direct experience. I’m not surprised to see that it’s won the Words for the Wounded Independent Author Book Award.”


robin mcgee, Amazon review

“The true friend of the patient

I read this book avidly as a cancer survivor and as a healthcare provider. The book is organized with chapters describing in easy layman’s language the basics of breast cancer investigation and treatment – very valuable. However, the true power of the book lies in the passages in which she describes her own personal experiences with breast cancer. Those parts are harrowing and vivid, with dashes of surprising humour. I read about her experiences with the medical bungling with a racing heart. If care that bad can happen to a doctor, what hope is there for the rest of us? Her story is a painful reminder that we must be constantly vigilant when dealing with “the system.” Throughout, I was charmed by her open and confidential writing style, and l look forward to more work from this true friend of the patient.”