Great App For People Going Through Breast Cancer

I love the O-Wise App and Blog When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, or any cancer, you’re in a state of shock, and a simple app which takes the thinking out of things is so helpful. This app does many things all in one place – treatment plan, symptom records, and so much more – even recording those all important hospital consultations, so you can check what was said afterwards when your mind has gone blank (trust me – it does). I love the blogs too – such clear practical advice and information on really useful topics associated with your new life as a breast cancer patient. I’m also thrilled that O-Wise have quoted from my book From Both Ends of The Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer By A Doctor Who Knows

Breast Practices Show Featured From Both Ends Of The Stethoscope by Dr Kathleen Thompson

Breast Practices Show

Thrilled to be interviewed for Breast Practices Show by Fazila Seker of MOLLI Surgical about what people can do to get the best care for their Breast Cancer

Watch Dr Kathleen Thompson talk to Fazila Seker about Getting Through Breast Cancer:

Probiotics So Important For Healthy Diet

Our gut microbes (bacteria, viruses etc) influence our health, weight, immunity and susceptibility to many diseases. They are far more important to us than we had realised. Therefore it is important to nourish the good microbes and starve the bad ones. I’ve just reviewed a product which I really like – Yaconviva Cacao nibs sweetened with yacón – learn about yacón and how it can help good microbes populate our gut