Mr. J. Heath, Amazon review

“Wow, a true masterpiece!

Not biased in any way, very respectful of others. The writer doesn’t push her opinions onto anyone, she just makes people aware of what they are. Her experience as a doctor, turing into a patient, is definitely and interesting angle .

I love the way she doesn’t hold back on her inner thoughts. There are also a few jokes, that keep it uplifting during the more worrying times.

The book definitely highlights just how wrong some people in the medical world can be. I’m sure most readers will be able to relate to Dr Thompsons struggles. She is also very self critical of her own mistakes and choices, I find this very refreshing.

The cover almost shows woman in a straight jacket, struggling to get out. This helps to illustrate Dr Thompsons struggles, both mentally, and physically throughout her diagnosis and treatment.

I have never been through Cancer myself, however I think this book gives me an emotional insight into others who are dealing with the experience. If I ever meet anyone going through cancer, they will be receiving a copy of this book from me!”


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