Mr. Perry A. Iles, Amazon review

“Here is a book that confronts a subject which is still a mystery and a taboo for many. A search through related books within Amazon offers cures ranging from Jesus to chicken soup, but Kathleen Thompson grabs the subject with both hands and shakes it until the facts fall out. She then presents these facts in a sensible and level-headed way, talking from experience about her fears, her wishes and her dreams for the future. The fact that Thompson is a doctor herself is of course helpful, but she talks about her own experiences at the mercy of other medical experts, experiences that for her were mostly positive. But there were times when her treatment was less than perfect, and she had to take a stand – not so much against medical opinions but against the treatment she had been offered. What this book offers is balance; an intelligent, humane and practical response to an emotive subject. This is a must-read for sufferers of cancer and for their families and those close to them. Make no bones about it, this is an important book.”


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