Mrs L Leach, Amazon review

“I would recommend this book without reservation to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer or who has relatives going through the cancer journey, regardless of the type of cancer. It is a very human account of the processes involved in the diagnosis and treatment of this illness. The medical information is clearly stated in bite sized pieces and I particularly liked the fact that these sections are interspersed with autobiographical accounts of Dr Thompson’s own experiences as a patient. The subject matter is serious but Dr Thompson has managed to keep an underlying sense of hope throughout. I was surprised to find that the book was so very readable, in fact I did not want to put it down once I has started to read. It is humerous in places and the characters we meet throughout the book are very real. It also quite moving and very different from any other medical book which you are likely to come across. This is a useful book for everyone to read. Don’t wait until you need to – read it now!”


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