Penny Deacon, Amazon review

“This is a brilliant book. It doesn’t patronise or indulge the cancer sufferer. With wit and experience as both doctor and patient, Dr Thompson lets you know what to expect, what to ask for and what to do for yourself if you find yourself faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. This books let you take charge of looking after your own body as far as you can and acknowledges your right to clear answers and appropriate treatment. She doesn’t dismiss the help of diet and faith and the support of friends, but she also asserts the essential role of medical treaatment. Other books may have similar content – this one presents it in a way that can be accessed in small doses for those lacking the energy to want more than the answer to an immediate question (chapter summaries, key points, a good index) whilst also providing a readable, often humorous, account of her own direct experience. I’m not surprised to see that it’s won the Words for the Wounded Independent Author Book Award.”


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