Penny Gerrard, Amazon review

“A must read for anyone whose life is touched by breast cancer. This is a really important book, written by an author who is qualified to speak about this subject as a doctor and also as a patient l I expected to find it useful, but didn’t expect to be unable to put it down – even waking up early in the morning just to have a few extra minutes to read it. The book is written in an easily understanding way which gives advice but doesn’t lay down the law. Kathleen treats those reading the book as adults and understands that everyone’s experiences are different; She offers her own experiences in a straight forward honest way and I know that if I am ever faced with breast cancer, I shall turn to this book straight away and will hopefully feel better able to cope. I shall certainly buy it for anyone I know who is dealing with breast cancer and am sure that it will improve their experience of the journey they are embarking on.”


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