PT, Amazon review

“Having had two close family members diagnosed with breast cancer, I was looking for a book which would explain more and answer the myriad of questions I had. This book seemed to fit the bill, a book about breast cancer, written by a doctor who had experienced it. Having read it, I find this book offers so much more. It certainly gives me the hard facts of the diagnosis; the disease and the treatments, which I needed to know, but it is also a personal story of a woman’s journey through the stages of her treatment. Kathleen talks of her emotions during that journey from diagnosis; through her battle to get the right treatment and her personal experience of the operations and radiotherapy. She leaves the reader with no doubt that this is a serious condition with necessary yet unpleasant treatments, but that there is hope and you must take control; ask the right questions and challenge to get the most positive outcome. Whilst serious in the information this book delivers, it does also include some amusing observations about her experiences and those she met along the way, making it a good and easy read. This book has helped me so much to make some sense of what a diagnosis of breast cancer really means. Highly recommended.”


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