RIC, Amazon review

I shall say this whether I should or not! I know the author of this remarkable book personally. Correction – I thought I knew the author! Reading the story of Dr Kathleen Thompson’s encounter with breast cancer and her subsequent recovery from this devastating illness, has revealed a woman and an author who displays a deep vein of human sympathy, a remarkable aptness with words and a sense of wit and humour that shines through every page. I am a man, by the way! May I say that this account may be ostensibly about breast cancer, but more importantly reveals in great depth how women – as opposed to men – see the world and lead their “interior” lives. It has given me an insight into the way human beings – and especially women – react to suffering. It seems almost a contradiction, an aberration even, to say that I enjoyed every page of the book. But that is a simple statement of the truth. This book deals with suffering – but reading it from cover to cover is a truly enjoyable experience.“


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