Shin Koka, Amazon review

“This is the most resourceful self-help book I have ever read. The book is not only for breast cancer patients, it is also extremely useful for all other cancer sufferers, their families and friends.

The author is a medical professional – she is also a great story teller telling a story that I couldn’t put down; it felt like I was watching a gripping TV drama based on true events with a very happy ending. I believe this success story will encourage thousands of cancer patients to become the braver soldiers in the war against cancer.

I was a lung cancer patient myself and I was in the battlefield for a long time. From Both Ends of the Stethoscope has helped me to build up confidence to deal with the most difficult time of my life. From this book, I learnt how to deal with good and bad medical practices; how to make important decisions; where and who I can get help from; what I need to do to take best care of my body and how to prevent the cancer recurring.

You are safe and never alone, if you keep this book at your side.

A big, heartfelt thanks to Dr Thompson’s professional guidance.”


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