From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer by a Doctor Who Knows Number 1 in Kindle UK medical books

Thrilled to see my book From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer by a Doctor Who Knows,  is No 1 sales in Kindle UK for Disorders and Diseases section; No 1 in Medical biographies/memoirs

Plus No 6 in ALL of Non-fiction


From Both Ends of the Stethoscope: Getting through breast cancer-by a doctor who knows eBook: Dr Kat

Kerala fighting back after the floods-give them your support and visit this amazing place

Important message from Sam T Samuel at Kalypso Adventures, Kerala following the dreadful floods and landslides:

We’re Down but not Out.

This is the message we would like to send out to people all over the world. Would appreciate if you could pass it on too

We know our land has been ravaged. We know our people are in shock. But our spirit endures intact.
We have seen lives and property vanish before our very eyes. We have seen the magical beauty of Kerala scarred. But resilience has raised its head.
The Keralite has built societies in all parts of the world. The Keralite will now rebuild the state. Hard work has never been alien to us.
The restoration of our amenities is our priority. Your safety is paramount.
The airport inundated today will be ready for your flights by the 26th of August 2018.
The businesses now shut will be up and running by the 01st of September 2018.
Comfort us most by doing business with us. Support us by trusting our instincts about our land. Be a part of our resurgence.

Help Kerala get back on its feet. Help Kerala .. Visit Kerala.

Breast Cancer Haven features Dr Kathleen Thompson’s Book

Delighted that once again, The Breast Cancer Haven has featured my book, From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer by a Doctor Who Knows. This month the talk is about Fear During Breast Cancer – an important but often ignored topic. Well done Breast Cancer Haven for bringing this to the front.

A new book about the mental impact of having breast cancer as a young woman

Having written a book myself to help people navigate thier breast cancer treatment, and which also addresses the emotional effects of the illness, I was delighted to review this new book: Love and Remission – My Life, My Man, My Cancer by Annie Belasco

It is well worth a read – see my review in Frost Magazine for more details.