Probiotics So Important For Healthy Diet

Our gut microbes (bacteria, viruses etc) influence our health, weight, immunity and susceptibility to many diseases. They are far more important to us than we had realised. Therefore it is important to nourish the good microbes and starve the bad ones. I’ve just reviewed a product which I really like – Yaconviva Cacao nibs sweetened with yacón – learn about yacón and how it can help good microbes populate our gut

Meet Lucy and Jack and Friends – Explaining Illness to Children

Books written for children to explain various medical conditions/procedures including Breast Cancer. Written by people who know what they are taking about – what an excellent idea:

Lucy and Jack are two fictional children. Their Daddy has had a 2nd after waiting for nearly 8 yrs & Mummy’s a

Breast Cancer Haven features Dr Kathleen Thompson’s Book

Delighted that once again, The Breast Cancer Haven has featured my book, From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer by a Doctor Who Knows. This month the talk is about Fear During Breast Cancer – an important but often ignored topic. Well done Breast Cancer Haven for bringing this to the front.

A new book about the mental impact of having breast cancer as a young woman

Having written a book myself to help people navigate thier breast cancer treatment, and which also addresses the emotional effects of the illness, I was delighted to review this new book: Love and Remission – My Life, My Man, My Cancer by Annie Belasco

It is well worth a read – see my review in Frost Magazine for more details.