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Part 2 of my radio interview with Tracy J of Urban Jazz Radio about breast cancer

Learn what to do if you have breast cancer – advice from the show or get my book From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer by a Doctor Who Knows by Dr Kathleen Thompson

A lovely commendation – how my book helped Claudia

I received this wonderful email from Claudia a few days ago – I am so touched she spent time to write to me
‘Dear Kathleen,
A year ago my dear friend Karin sent me your book from London all the way to Santiago in Chile. It was a wonderful gift that arrived few months before undergoing the first scans a year after the surgery. It was the perfect timing, because  by then I had overcome the overdoses of info on CA  that I had after the diagnosis. I  read so much, that it came a moment when I could not process anything with the word CA. When Karin’s present arrived, I was ready and willing to read some more… and your book was nothing like I had read before on cancer, it was an absolute delight!
All the information was very useful, even the part that is related to NHS, as the protocols are the same. Even though I had read a lot before, the book brought to my attention important facts that I had not focused on, and most important it shifted my vision on being a breast Ca patient. it helped me face just before the exams the most feared question: what if it comes back? that was also perfect timing too.
And being all of this just outstanding, what I enjoyed more above all was your sense of humour… absolutely therapeutically!  Going through the pages felt like having a conversation with a dear friend. 
It has taken me a year to send this email, which shows how much resistance I still have to the topic.  All the more reasons to say thank you for writing this beautiful book.
Wishing you a wonderful life